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    Mall Brochure for Taipei 101 Mall

    When Taipei 101 was finished in 2004, it instantly became one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. The tallest building in the world until 2010, Taipei 101 still serves as one of Asia’s financial and commercial hubs.

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    GEPT Master Intermediate Series for Taiwan Mac Educational Co.

    English instruction is serious business in Taiwan. From textbooks and TV shows to English classes in every form imaginable, the English language instruction industry is a multi-million dollar affair in Taiwan. Currently one of the largest players in the field is the Taiwan Mac Publishing Co. Founded in 1983, the publishing house has now expanded to offering English educational selections that target a diverse readership.

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    Attitude magazine for Kuan's Living, 2008-2010

    In a two year partnership with the Bed & Linen design house, Kuan’s Living, Babel was the creative and visionary force behind the brand’s monthly publication.

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    Sales Handbook for Ruling Digital

    Ruling Digital is a web platform provider for university departments and academic institutions and is currently the platform of choice for over 1000 university departments in Taiwan.

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Website Development

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    Website and Sales Brochure for Wild & Bare Tea

    Wild & Bare is a tea merchant whose customers included many of Macau’s top rated resorts and hotels. For help in putting together a visually stunning website which explores tea lore, as well as products offered, Wild & Bare turned to Babel.

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