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Why Choose Babel

1) Experience in meeting the goals of various clients in different countries:

Our previous clients range from the upcoming (an entrepreneurial food delivery service start up in Macau) to the established (one of the biggest electronics brand names in Taiwan). Regardless of the size of the company, we treat every case with utmost professionalism and care.

2) Experience working in dozens of industries:

As a quick look through our portfolio will tell you, we have helped clients from dozens of different industries reach their target audience. Industries include Chinese tea and crafts, website design, bookstores, shopping malls, government agencies, educational publishing, non-profits, electronics manufacturers, newspapers, and TV stations to just name a few.

3) An understanding of how to localize your message:

Being based in the Greater China Region for over 15 years, with offices in two countries, we have first-hand experience working with companies based in the region and have learned how to accurately tailor their message—either through translation or copywriting—to the market or audience in question.

4) A thorough grasp of language skills:

An understanding of how to localize a message is useless unless one also has access to top-notch linguistic skills. 15 years in Asia means we have the Chinese language and cultural skills to unpack even the hardest translation.

5) Committed to quality:

Even when facing the tightest deadlines, we never sacrifice on quality.