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    GEPT Master Intermediate Series for Taiwan Mac Educational Co.

    English instruction is serious business in Taiwan. From textbooks and TV shows to English classes in every form imaginable, the English language instruction industry is a multi-million dollar affair in Taiwan. Currently one of the largest players in the field is the Taiwan Mac Publishing Co. Founded in 1983, the publishing house has now expanded to offering English educational selections that target a diverse readership.

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    English Resumes for Beta Multimedia Publishing

    Co-written by the director of Babel, English Resumes was one of the first books in Taiwan published by a native speaker to offer an in-depth discussion into the art of writing resumes in English. By teaching non-native English speakers the do’s and don’ts of writing a resume in English, English Resumes was perfectly positioned to meet the needs of Taiwan’s ever growing number of students and working professionals applying for schools or jobs overseas.

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    Translation of Jing Si Aphorisms for Tzu Chi

    A compilation of Master Cheng Yen’s words on wisdom, mercy and compassion, these aphorisms are the philosophical inspiration that members of Tzu Chi—the largest charitable organization in the Chinese-speaking world—all draw from. Babel is proud to have helped make possible volume three of this inspirational series.

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    Attitude magazine for Kuan's Living, 2008-2010

    In a two year partnership with the Bed & Linen design house, Kuan’s Living, Babel was the creative and visionary force behind the brand’s monthly publication.

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