Sales Handbook for Ruling Digital

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Ruling Digital is a web platform provider for university departments and academic institutions and is currently the platform of choice for over 1000 university departments in Taiwan.

Although Ruling Digital now needs no introduction, in 2004, the company was far from well known and needed a way to get its name out into the academic community.

The answer was a free, informative booklet. Sent to university department heads throughout Taiwan, Ruling Digital’s “8 Keys to Internationalizing Your Departmental Website” was not only an introduction on how to update web platforms to better serve students, alumni, and professors, it was also a vehicle through which Ruling hoped display its services and know-how.

Understanding that this was a once in a lifetime chance to impress a wide segment of its potential customer base, Ruling turned to Babel for help in the creation and design of the booklet. Starting from scratch, the Babel team decided on a full color layout and an accessible Q&A format to better reach the average reader. Easy to read and navigate, yet still full of useful tips and advice, the booklet became the perfect platform through which Ruling was able to touch base with potential customers.

With Babel, Ruling was able to find the services it needed—copywriting, layout design, publishing, translation etc.—all under one roof, thereby saving it both time and money.


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