Logo and Marketing Handbook for The Published Scholar (TPS)

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Among the fiercely competitive English editing field in Taiwan, TPS stands out from the crowd by specializing in the professional editing of papers that look to be published in peer reviewed academic journals. 

Searching for ways to expand its brand name recognition, TPS turned to Babel for branding and marketing help. 

First off was the company’s logo.

A red quill superimposed on a white background was chosen by Babel as a creative and eye-catching emblem of the academic and inspired nature of TPS’ work. 

And to help TPS better connect with students and professors—its main customer base—Babel wrote and produced a free grammar booklet titled “Ten Common Writing Errors that Can Spell ‘Rejection’ for Your Manuscript.” Offering a clear and concise introduction on how to get published in academic journals, the booklet has proved to be an invaluable aid for graduate students and professors in Taiwan, as well as a window through which TPS has been able reach out to the academic community and successfully enlarge its customer base.


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