Eslite Store & Eslite Gallery for The Eslite Spectrum Corporation

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One of Babel’s biggest and most well known clients is the Eslite Cooperation. A household name in Taiwan, Eslite runs the largest and best-known bookstore chain in Taiwan. In recent years, Eslite has expanded into the culture and creative industry, becoming a major player on Taiwan’s cultural scene through its support and organization of exhibitions, cultural events, and art/music venues.

Babel has been a close partner of Eslite from 2005 and has been the go-to choice for many of the company’s translating, editing, and copywriting needs. Over the years, a large spectrum of departments within Eslite (e.g. sales, marketing, legal, public relations, etc.)—have turned to Babel when looking for top-of-the-line translation and copywriting services.  Babel’s team of translators have been asked to translate Eslite’s main English web portal; legal contracts concerning intellectual property rights, license agreements and privacy policies; store slogans, floor plans, and signs; promotional videos, conference manuals, event posters, customer discount cards, etc. In fact, it would be no stretch to say that in many ways Babel has become the English face of Eslite. For nine years and running, Babel has accompanied Eslite as it has expanded onto the international stage, helping Eslite welcome non-Mandarin speaking customers to its stores, exhibits, and online portal.


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