Business and Marketing Workshops for Brain Magazine

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Brain Communication, founded in 1997, specializes in marketing communication and brand management. In addition to publishing a magazine under the same name, Brain Communications is best known in Taiwan for the hosting of over 100 workshops and seminars on the topics of advertising, communication, and marketing. 
The director of Babel, Mark Hammons, was one of the professionals invited by Brain to share his expertise. Drawing on a professional, yet down-to-earth style, Mark engaged participants in a lively discussion on the proper use of English in a business environment. In fact, the 6-week workshop was such a hit that Mark was invited back by Brain for two more workshops. 
Altogether, Mark held three workshops on behalf of Brian Communications: two six-week workshops that emphasized the use of English in a professional setting, and an eight-week workshop that placed a heavier emphasis on the dissimilation of new and effective marketing/branding strategies. 

The series of workshops showed once again the broad range of professional services that Babel is capable of offering. What about you? Looking to host or organize a workshop or training seminar? Give Babel a call and see how we can help.


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