London International Advertising Awards, LIAA for Brain Magazine

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The annual London International Advertising Awards (LIAA)—bringing together some 10,000 ads from 100 different countries—is one of the year’s biggest events for the world’s marketing and advertising industry. Brian Magazine is LIAA’s representative in Taiwan and every year hosts a screening of the LIAA TVC and print winners. Attending are representatives from some of Taiwan and China’s top advertising firms, as well as members of academia. 

Mark Hammons, director of Babel Communications, has been a consultant to the screening for the past eight years, as well as its host for two of those years.  Mark uses his long experience in marketing to help event participants better unpack the cultural factors found within the ads, as well as to offer an in-depth analysis of the many—yet often hard to spot— factors that contributed to each ads’ success. 

With his down-to-earth style, discerning eye, and flawless preparation, Mark ensures that each participant— whether student, professor, or industry executive—not only enjoys his or her time, but also comes away with a clear understanding of why and how the winners were picked. 

Such an event is typical of Babel’s expertise, which has long offered professional event hosting services at reasonable rates. 


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